Ankle sprain - basketball injury

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Ankle sprain - basketball injury

Postby sarados7 » Wed May 18, 2016 8:25 am

AAU basketball struck again.....

15 year old male. Rolled left ankle hard on a rebound. Ankle MRI showed a hairline crack in the growth plate. Orthopedic surgeon put him in a boot and said that with ice and rest the swelling will go down in 10-14 days.

Any experience with recovery on something like this? The hairline crack is obviously a concern and we want to be cautious about his return to activity.

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Re: Ankle sprain - basketball injury

Postby nebras72 » Thu May 19, 2016 7:49 am

Ouch! My son had something very similar happen to him during a practice a few years ago. High ankle sprain with a cracked growth plate.

The recovery was actually fairly straightforward. The swelling did go down in about 10 days. The bruising was pretty gruesome (and seemed to change frequently) but he was able to abandon the crutches after about a week and return to light activity after about 3 weeks.

We used plenty of ice, Traumeel, and Advil. We also kept it wrapped fairly tightly (per our doctors orders) to reduce the swelling, limit mobility, and give him some support. We've also heard of others using acupuncture but my son wasn't brave enough for that.

The hardest part about the recovery was the mental side. After he was able to walk/run on it, it took him another month or so before he trusted it in games and practice. The mental imagery finally went away but don't expect an immediate return to full speed.

Good luck!

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